A Framework for the Automatic Generation of Visual and Textual Story Plots from Data

Framework that augments data visualizations with descriptive natural language text in order to make data analytics more accessible and engaging for a mass audience.

Reading is an activity performed by almost every individual. Textual narrative has unique advantages over the common visual narratives often employed as a sole medium of data stories.

In efforts of creating a effective data narration, an approach was driven by casual story line generation. Framework is made using network analysis, a visual casual network exploration. Implementation is an added textural narration, orividing a synergy between visual and textual energy. Directorially composes plot details by taking snapshots of visualization view parameters. Multivariate data are the main domain of this system supporting many different storylines and storytelling types.

Framework provides a set of authoring tools which an experienced analyst can utilize to become a storyteller and designer of a narrative.

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Working prototype available for demonstration.

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