A Rapid Pupillometric Test for Glaucoma

This technology provides a rapid and objective means of testing for the presence of glaucoma.  It also provides a quick and reliable means of assessing the progress of the disease in confirmed cases of existing glaucoma. It is well established that glaucoma affecting a given eye has a strong tendency to affect certain areas of the retina. These affected areas are related to the arrangement of nerve fibers heading from retinal cells towards the optic nerve head, where they leave the eye. It is also commonly known that the initial damage occurs to those nerve fibers on their way out of the eyeball. Further, there is a strong tendency to affect upper and lower retina in the same eye at different rates. For example, in the “Glaucoma Hemifield Test” where the results from conventional perimetry test is processed to see whether there is a consistent upper/lower difference in the affected territories of the same eye. 

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