A piezoelectric-triboelectric heel charger for power-on-the-go using a level mechanism and a mechanical SSHI boosting circuit

A detachable product placed under an existing shoe insole, provides users with the ability to charge their lifesaving electronic devices. Background: Running out of battery power often results in life-threatening situations, where as backup batteries are large, heavy and hazardous. In efforts to treat this unreliable aspect, proposed is a energy harvester. Proposed is a clean alternative solution to such problems that exist, with the ability to powering electronics on the go. Technology Overview: Invention entails a high power density heel charger, providing for a USB port or datable rechargeable battery. The high-power density charger consists of a mechanical part and an electrical part. Current implementations consist of a heel charger, that turns the shoe into a charging station. Using levered piezoelectric-triboelectric multimodal mechanism, a mechanical synchronized switch and a harvesting inductor conditioning circuit.The shoe has barley noticeable weight, expecting to provide electrical energy equicalent to 6 minutes of continuous phone call with just 1 hour of walking. Advantages: Amplifying the displacement of footsteps by the lever mechanism to achieve higher efficiency. Applications: The ability to target large markets such as mobile energy harvesting, remote sensing, hikers and marine corps, etc. Intellectual Property Summary: Stage of Development: Working prototype available for demonstration. Licensing Potential: Licensing Status: Other (See Additional Information) Additional Information: Mechanical Engineering, Clean Energy, Energy Conservation piezoelectric-triboelectric materials, mechnical-synchronized switch harvesting on inductor Interface(M-SSHI)   https://stonybrook.technologypublisher.com/files/sites/clean-energy-11.jpg , https://stonybrook.technologypublisher.com/files/sites/energy-conversation1.jpg
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