Anti-MtLDL antibodies for tuberculosis diagnosis

The use of the MtLDL marker alone or in combination with existing markers will significantly improve the diagnosis of TB in young children and improve access to care.”

The inadequate sensitivity of available organism-based TB diagnostic tools in children, the wide spectrum of disease observed in children, and the non-specific signs and symptoms especially in young and HIV-children, contribute to diagnostic delay and missed opportunities to detect childhood TB.

Dr. Nicole Sampson and her team have identified changes in a serum lipoprotein that result from a combination of host and TB pathogen activity. The MTB-modified lipoprotein (TLP) is thereby a more specific diagnostic marker for TB disease than the conventional host markers. Development of antibodies against the TLP marker enables the production of a simple in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) assay for pediatric tuberculosis using as finger-prick blood or serum.

Non-sputim based diagnostic ELISA test, novel marker, novel antibodies to TLP

Diagnostic test for pediatric and adult TB

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Data using serum from pediatric patients

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