Automated Tool for Isolation of Intact Extracellular Vesicles with Near-Single-Vesicle Resolution Coupled with In-Line Characterization

Automated tool for isolation of intact extracellular vesicles with near-single-vesicle resolution coupled with in-line characterization Background: Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are sub-micron sized membranous vesicles secreted by most cell types and wind up circulating in body fluids such as blood and seminal plasma. In the past decade, EVs have gained huge attention for their prognostic and diagnostic potential, as well as their drug delivery prospects. However, progress has been hindered by the lack of a system that efficiently purify EVs from complex biological samples such as blood and seminal plasma. Technology Overview: Inventors at Stony Brook University (SBU) have developed a semi-automated instrument that (1) separates EVs with a near-single-vesicle resolution, (2) analyzes EVs in real-time using a classic yet novel approach, and (3) collects intact EV subpopulations in a ready-format for various research aspects such as functional studies, nucleic acids, and protein sequencing. Using their prototype, the inventors have discovered a distinct subpopulation of EVs present in semen and absent in blood. The inventors currently aim to further develop and commercialize the first fully-automated EV isolation and characterization system. The instrument would also be available in a miniaturized form for clinical use such as in prognostics, diagnostics, and assessment of patient response for treatment. ![Figure 1]( Advantages: Applications: - R&D - Pharmaceutics - Diagnostics - Clinics 050-9049 Intellectual Property Summary: Provisional patent Stage of Development: US Provisional Patent Filed Licensing Potential: Licensing Status: Additional Information: extracellular,extracellular vesicles,analyzer,isolation,in-line,characterization,micron,plasma,prognostic,diagnostic,drug delivery,purify,biologicals,biological sample,nucleic acids,protein sequencing,patient response,purification,extracellular vesicle,sample isolation,sample purification,biologic purification,biological purification,analyser,analysis tool,testing & characterization,characterisation,diagnostic tool,research tool,clinical tool,analytical tool Header image provided by Stony Brook University.
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