Cancer Invasiveness Analyzer (CIA) and Use Thereof

Method of rapid isolation and analysis of cancer cells from a patient's blood. Background: Cancer cells present in the invasion front and these shed into the circulation are critically involved in the progression of metastatic diseases. Earlier studies have demonstrated that primary cancers begin shedding neoplastic cells into the circulation at an early stage of metastases formation. Thus, it has been suggested that reliable assays that can isolate cancer cells in the bloodstream and subsequently measures the invasiveness of such cells will have significant impact in both clinical diagnostic and therapeutic applications of cancer. Technology Overview: Dr. Wen-Tien Chen, professor at Stony Brook University created an invention which provides means of the isolation and proliferation of cancer cells present in a population of normal cells in fluid suspension, dispersed bone marrow or tumor tissues. The invention also provides means of measurements of the invasive phenotype of metastatic cancer cells as well as activated tissue cells. The primary uses of the matrix and culture system in this invention are for screening drugs that have activity in preventing cancer invasion, angiogenesis, and metastasis, and of peptides that can target toxins to micro metastases, as well as the isolation of cancer cells from a large population of blood cells for diagnostic and therapeutic uses in cancer. Advantages: Rapid isolation and detection of metastatic cells present in patients blood. Proliferation/cloning of cancer cells. Measurement of the invasiveness of isolated cancer cells. Identification of compounds that have anti-metastatic activities. Applications: Screening drugs that have activity in preventing cancer invasion, angiogenesis, and metastasis. Isolation of cancer cells for diagnostic and therapeutic uses in cancer Intellectual Property Summary: PCT Publication No. WO 2002-020825 Stage of Development: Product of market Licensing Potential: Licensing Status: Exclusive License - All Fields Additional Information: Cancer invasion, Metastasis, Angiogenesis, Drug screening, Diagnosis, Therapy
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