Chopped PIR sensor for stationary and moving occupant detection

Additions of multiple different elements to improve current PIR sensors. Background: Passive infrared (PIR) sensors are used in a variety of applications. They work by using the pyroelectric effect: a change based on the temperature modifies the positions of the atoms. However, because voltage is generated by pyroelectric materials, conventional PIR sensors are unable to detect stationary objects. Technology Overview: In order to detect stationary objects, new sensors would include a sensing element and a Fresnel lens disposed over a surface of a sensing element. Also included is an optical chopper, thus controlled sensing and control circuitry. The new additions to the sensors will allow stationary objects to be detected. Advantages: -Able to detect more objects

-More accurate sensing with fewer discrepancies Applications: -Detection

-Tracking personal identification

-Lighting systems

-HVAC Intellectual Property Summary: Patent application submitted Stage of Development: [WO2018/132546]( Licensing Potential: Licensing,Commercial partner,Development partner Licensing Status: Available for licensing R‑8893 Additional Information: passive infrared,infrared,sensor,position,sensing,fresnel,optical,circuitry,identification,hvac,tracking,target detection and recognition,detection optics,hvac system,position sensor,passive sensors,infra red,infra-red,IR,pyroelectric,passive infrared sensor,motion detector Header image is purely illustrative. Source: Wikimedia/CHG,, public domain.

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