Duel Function Ag-Lio-I Based Battery

Small, rechargable, self-healing battery which can function under both low loads and high loads.

Implantable medical devices require batteries with high volumetric energy density and reliability, thus this field can be instructive in design and development of novel battery types incorporating these characteristics. Recent investigations of lithium/iodine batteries include examination of the system as a secondary battery. The electrochemical self-assembly of lithium-iodine batteries has been demonstrated. Self-assembly process was characterized by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.

Dr. Esther Tekeuchi, Distinguished Professor at Stony Brook University invented a new Ag-Li-I based battery system. This is a small, rechargeable self-assembled dual function metal-iodine battery with high deliverable power. This system can be stored for long periods of time, as it is not functional unit activated. An additional benefit is the ability to self-heal during use, where short-circuiting and self-discharge of the system will not occur due to the spontaneous reaction at the electrode-electrolyte interfaces. Incorporation of Ag and Li together in one battery will provide a dual functioning aspect, where the lithium will dominate the function under low load, and the silver will dominate the function under high load.

Small size High deliverable power Self-healing during use Short-circuiting and self-discharge of the system will not occur

Low load and high function

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Battery, Self-forming, Seperator, Electrolyte

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