Flame Retardant Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Nanocomposite

Long distance cables are used for power or communication transmissions. They are placed in harshed environmental conditions. Developed is a nanocomposite that can provide a much sought after solution.

PVC has been used as the standard material for coating since it's chemically properties include resistant, flexibility and flame retardant. A major issue, is its toxicity, thus making it difficult to replace. Newly implemented is a material that has the same mechanical and chemical properties, also upholding that ability to be flame retardant. This new approach is not toxic to the environment, therefore can be used globally.

Ethylene-vinyl acetate is an elastomeric copolymer known for excellent tactile properties in the adhesive industry. These properties allow for high ductility making it a attractive component of polymer blends, applications range from foot ware to electronics. EVA provides an environmental friendly alternative to polyvinyl chloride in cable sheathing. Approach to creating this EVA was in direct relation to non halogenated flame retardants, phosphate based, nitrogen based and metal hydroxidebased compounds allowing for an integrated EVA applicable to cable sheathing. EVA is incorporated and designed to meet high efficiency and low cost, thus implemented with aluminum hydroxide, the most common flame retardant to product EVA based cable.

Current technologies are implemented with polyvinyl chloride for cable sheath. Newly proposed invention maintains ductility while producing a flame retardant nanocompiste that achieving a UL-94 VO flame retardant rating.

US Provisional Filed.

Working prototype available for demonstration

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Material Sciences and Chemical Engineering

Flame Retardant, Cable Jacketing Material, EVA Graphene, PVC Replacement, Electric Transmission Cables


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