Method and Apparatus for Fabrication of Multi-Well Selenium Devices

First attempt to design a practical direct conversion amorphous selenium detector with avalanche gain.

Amorphous selenium was developed for photocopying machines and revived as a direct c-ray photoconductor for flat-panel detectors. The proposed invention will be allow programmable, order of magnitude higher gain of a-Se direct conversion detector without increasing the bias voltage.

Detector structure is referred to as a field-shaping multi-well avalanche detector (SWAD). Stable avalanche multiplication gain is achieved by eliminating field hot spots using high-denisty avalanche wells with insulated walls. Within the insulated walls are created and implemented using field-shaping, aiding in the elimination of the formation of both field hot-sports in avalanche regisions and high-fields at metal-semiconductor interface. Inside each well the field shaping electrode shows semi-gaussian field distribution. This is achieved through avalanche multiplication gain in a small fraction of thickness of the layer.

Novel practical large-area fabrication process for multi-well selenium devices to achieve stable avalanche multiplication gain in direct and indirect conversion amorphous selenium radiation detectors.

Design of a practical direct conversion amorphous selenium detector with avalanche gain.

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Selenium, Avalanche Multiplican Gain, Multi-well, Fabrication, Unipolar Time-Differential Charge Sensing , ,

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