Method and Apparatus for Occupancy-driven SMA-actuated Registers

Active monitoring of heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems for energy efficiency. Background: HVAC is the largest source of building energy consumption. Therefore, energy - and consequently money - can be saved by closing off air vents during certain hours of the day. These are so-called smart vents. However, these products do not have on-board sensors, and therefore are not efficient. There needs to be an efficient, cost-effective way to monitor the status of HVAC systems, and organize processes in a manner impact to office spaces. Technology Overview: Researchers have developed an HVAC register airflow control system used for an enclosed space. The system includes a housing in fluid communication with an air source for supplying an airflow, and includes at least one air outlet to the enclosed space. A detection sensor configured to detect occupancy information of the occupied spaces facilitates smart functionality A damper is also part of the system, which includes a shape memory material and is configured to interact with the air outlet. Advantages: more controllable - higher efficiency - more Cost-effective - Lower number of repairs Applications: -HVAC

-Building maintenance

-Energy efficiency Intellectual Property Summary: Patent application submitted Stage of Development: [WO2018/191251]( Licensing Potential: Commercial partner,Licensing,Development partner Licensing Status: Available for licensing 050-8908 Additional Information: airflow,hvac,energy consumption,vent,hvac system,energy efficiency,heating,ventilation,cooling,damper,control system,sensor,temperature control,ventilation monitoring,sensors,control systems,communications,mechanical ventilation,heating system,heating ventilating and air conditioning,heating ventilating and air conditioning motor,building management,air conditioning,smart technology Source: Wikimedia/Smial,, CC BY SA 2.0.

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