Methods and Compositions for Expansion of Stem Cells and Other Cells

Relatively quick and low cost method of stem cell expansion, regeneration, and differentiation as well as generating a multipotent or immature cell from a mature somatic cell.

Important medical research goals can be achieved in ways other than through induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. The goal of this research team is to develop a new paradigm of generation of patient-specific stem cells for therapy with high efficiency and minimal risk of malignancy. The expansion and generation of non-hematopoietic adult stem cells, including stem cells isolated from organs such as the brain, heart liver, pancreas, kidney lung, etc., also has important clinical applications, particularly as an external source of cells for replenishing missing or damaged cells of tissues or organs.

Dr. Yupo Ma, Professor at Stony Brook University invented methods of generating a multipotent, or immature, cell from a mature somatic cell, involving contacting a mature somatic cell with one of more small molecule compounds. He also presented methods of stem cell expansion, stem cell regeneration, and stem cell differentiation, which comprise contacting stem cells with one or more small chemical compounds.

The generated hemangioblasts could function as a factory to produce unlimited hematopoietic stem cells. Relatively simple, low cost, and quick Avoids formation of teratomas Useful for the treatment of diseases that involve hematopoietic stem cells

Generating a multipotent or immature cell from a mature somatic cell Stem cell expansion, regeneration, and differentiation

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