Oxide hollow nanoparticles production by pulsed laser ablation in liquid

New laser- and fluidic circuit assisted methodologies for hollow oxide nano-particle production

Laser ablation is the removal of a given material from a solid surface due to a laser source. Laser sources differentiate with pulse, duration and wavelength.

Due to process mechanisms, separation and complex phase change phenomena include plasma or bubble generation, ensuring high productivity assisted by advanced fluidic circuits. Local heating capability of intense pulsed laser beam offers energy-efficient particle production with extremely high purity and production rate

Laser-assisted production corresponds to environmentally benign, energy-efficient direct and minimal-step process with high production effciency.

We seek to develop and commercialize, by an exclusive or non-exclusive license agreement and/or sponsored research, with a company active in the area.

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Mechanical Engineering

laser ablation in liquid, hollor nano particles, laser manufacturing

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