Passive Mechanical Force Measuring System for Heel Strike and Toe-off Partial Weight Bearing

SUNY Upstate Medical University researchers have developed a low-cost insert for cam (Controlled Ankle Movement) boots that delivers feedback about walking force to the wearer. Cam boots are prescribed to patients recovering from an ankle injury, often with the direction to walk lightly and avoid putting more than a specific amount of weight on the foot. Unfortunately, it is impossible for a patient to accurately judge the amount of weight being put on the injured foot. Force-measuring inserts are available, but not widely used because they are so expensive. SUNY Upstate has created an inexpensive insert that can be calibrated to a certain weight level — 20 pounds, for instance — and that snaps underfoot with an audible click when too much force is exerted. The insert will help rehabilitation efforts with the cam walking boot.  More...

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