Probing Utlrathin One-dimensional Pd-Ni Nanostructures as Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalsyts

Developed class of electrochemically active single-crysalline one-dimensional nano-structures.

1-3 materials possess high aspect ratios, fewer lattice boundaries, longer segments of smooth crystal planes and a low number of surface defect sites, desirable atrributes for fuel cell catalysts.

Ultrathing 1-D structures is utilizing ambient, surfactant-based synthetic method to prepare one-dimensional nano-structures possessing high structural uniformity and a homogeneous distribution of elements. There exists improvement in both catalytic performance and stability not only to the surface contraction of the Pt layer, but also to electronic effect that the nano-scale Pd-Ni alloy core imparts to outer Pt monolayer shell. Implementation offers a more earth-abundant, lower cost, high-performance attractive alternative to the conventional use of Pt nano-particles as ORR catalysts.

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electrocatalysis, bimetallic nano-wires, fuel cells, oxygen reduction, methanol tolerance, core-shell structure , ,

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