Pyridone FabI Inhibitors

Novel anti-bactirial agent for treatment of infections caused by S. aureus including MRSA.

Determining the molecular basis for target selectivity is of specific importance in drug discovery. The ideal antibiotic should be active against a broad spectrum of pathogenic organisms with a minimal effect on human targets. This invention offers an approach to increase the range of antimicrobial activity.

Dr. Peter Tonge, Director of infectious diseases research at Stony Brook University, has found a way to treat infections caused by S. aureus, including MRSA. This treatment has been tested on a neutropenic mouse thigh infection model, infected with MRSA and significantly decreased the bacterial burden on the infected thigh.

Metabolic stability l Broad spectrum activity

Treatment of infections caused by S. aureus

Utility application filed

In-vitro data is available.

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Enoyl-ACP reductase l Bacterial Fatty Acid Biosynthesis l Antibacterial FabI l Pyridone Inhibitor ,

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