Radiotherapy Treatment Data Auditor and Archiver

Advances in technology have increased the level of sophistication in Radiotherapy. Modern radiotherapy requires transfer of patient data between a planning and storage computer and radiotherapy treatment machine. The occurrence and increasing probability of radiation overdose (or underdose), caused by errors in data transmission immediately prior to treatment, necessitates a need for information quality assurance in radiotherapy treatment. Although the number of radiotherapy incidents resulting in harm is currently low, the consequences for both patients and those offering treatment are at times severe and fatal. Currently, no product on the market exists to do the same data verification check as Informatics QA.

SUNY Upstate Medical University researchers have developed an informatics quality assurance system for radiotherapy treatments that is capable of monitoring a patients radiation therapy. The system reads the transmissions between the central database and the radiation equipment. It is capable of identifying patients and their prescribed treatment plan. Any deviation from this prescribed plan will result in an immediate alert to their health care provider.

Due to the regulatory difficulty of changing software for radiation therapy machines, many existing systems are from the early PC era, and are outdated. Our system is beneficial because it does not require regulatory approval, but is capable of observing the subsystems and detecting discrepancies in the treatment plan.

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