Recombinant Test for Lyme Disease

Cost effective diagnostic test for Lyme disease that is highly sensative and specific Background: Accurate, reliable diagnostic assays for Lyme disease are critical to ensure successful treatment and recovery. However, serodiagnosis of the disease is particularly difficult due to the high level of genetic heterogeneity of B. burgdorferi isolates,even among those collected from a single location. Furthermore, current serodiagnostic tests for Lyme disease lack sensitivity and specificity for detecting B. burgorferi infection in the early stages of the disease. Technology Overview: Dr. Benjamin Luft, Professor of Medicine at Stony Brook University has fabricated protein microarrays based on multiple Geno species which was used to develop a sensitive and specific single-tier Lyme disease assay that has a wide range of activityand specificity against Lyme disease. The goal is to develop a cost effective diagnostic test for Lyme disease that is highly sensitive (>90%) and specific (>98%). Advantages: Accurate and Reliable test for Lyme disease. Sensitivity far exceeds that of currently available Lyme disease assays in patients in the early stages of the disease. Applications: Diagnosing Lyme disease in its early stages of development. Intellectual Property Summary: PCT filed Stage of Development: Developing clinical testing Licensing Potential: Licensing Status: Other (See Additional Information) Additional Information: Option executed Borrelia, Diagnostic, Lyme disease
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