Regenable Battery Electrode

Through a simple and cost effective process of regenerating a electrode, an extension of life time for batteries are now possible.

Widespread use of batteries has raised environmental and financial concerns. The efforts in developing cathode materials for rechargeable Li-ion batters are driven by increasing demands in consumer electronics, medical devices, and vehicles. The most common commercial cathode material are toxic, expensive and hard to recycle.

A self-supporting binder free cathode materials. The approach eliminates current collector and binder but allows one to tune the amounts and types of conductive additives and cathode thicknesses to maximize the gravimetric capacity. Regenerated cathodes delivered a higher capacity that that of the control cell.

Batteries have a limited lift time based on cycle life and calendar life. Invention is able to manipulate battery electrodes in efforts of regenerating and extending functional life.

Cost effective means of extending life time of batteries by regenerating an electrode. Through this batteries are with a long life where electrodes can be regenerated instead of replaced.

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