Single-Fuel Reativity Controlled Compression Ignition Enabled by Onboard Fuel Reformation

In efforts of resolving current drawbacks of RCCI, proposed invention would enable RCCI combustion from a single fuel.

RCCI has been the focus of government and university research for the past decade. RCCI is limited in its commercial viability due to the added cost and complexity of independent fuel systems.

RCCI proposed technology separates fuel reactivity utilizing a single fuel. Fuel from the tank is unaltered. Fuel mixture of H2, C0 create a unique approach to internal combustion.

Reactivity controlled compression ignition combustion has demonstrated efficiency and emission improvements compared to both diesel and spark ignited combustion modes.

Single-fuel RCCI combustion could have commercial applications in all transportation applications, including light-duty passenger cars to medium and heavy duty trucks.

We seek to develop and commercialize, by an exclusive or non-exclusive license agreement and/or sponsored research, with a company active in the area.

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Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition (RCCI), Fuel Reformation/Reforming/Reformer 

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