Smart Wrist band for tooth brush monitoring

Tooth brushing monitoring application using off-the-shelf smart watches.

Tooth decay and gum diseases are among the most prevalent chronic diseases in both children and adults, most of these issues stem from accumulation of dental plague and failure in teeth care. Although regular tooth brushing is recommended by the American Dental Association, today's electric tooth brushes don't detect the quality of of tooth brushing. Application utilizes a learning algorithm to detect tooth brushing activity. System is able to collect data in regards to surface coverage and brushing frequency.

Using real-time feedback, application is able to detect a variety of different gestures. Watch is connected to a hand held device using blue-tooth, sending results to be displayed and creating a burshing quality assessment. Incorrect tooth brushing technique is less effective and may lead to the permanent damage of the enamel.

Extensive evaluation results demonstrate that the design reliably detects the brushing activity with 96.4% accuracy, and recognize gestures of brushing different surfaces of teeth with 83.6% accuracy.

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