System and methods for virtual pancreatoscopy

Proposed virtual pancreatoscopy allows physicians to better visualize the 3D geometry of the internal structure of the pancreatic duct.

Virtual endoscopy has been observed and claimed in many previous patents for several different organs. Among these organs is colon, and the radiological imaging of virtual pancreatoscopy.

Pancreatoscopy is endoscopic examination of the pancreatic ducts. In previous approaches, many patent methods showcase the general direction and colon fly through. Proposed is an ability to analyze fine scale structures. The super resolution technique extends imaging resolution. Rendering enables the interior surfaces within pancreatic duct, allowing for viewing of geometrical structures of the duct.

Proposed is a super-resolution technique which is the enabling factor for imaging resolution far beyond that of the clincal scanner. Enabled is the ability to extract fine scale pancreatic duct geometry and inspect internal structures.


Working prototype available for demonstration.

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Biomedical Informatics

Image segmentation, cirtual endoscopy, virtual pancreatoscopy, pancratic duct. , ,

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