Waste to Energy Gasification System

Waste to Energy Gasifier System “Gasifier” converts nearly any waste material with energy value into a rich synthetic gas with high energy content that can be used for heat and electricity energy production in internal combustion or turbine powered generation equipment. As input to the Gasifier, we offer an alternative to disposing hard to recycle or otherwise process items, such as tires or dirty plastics, that might otherwise be landfilled. The process does not involve incineration and requires little to no moisture reduction or pre-sizing of feed. The Gasifier is portable, faster & more reliable than several competitive dissimilar processes (e.g. anaerobic digestion).  Target customers include solid waste treatment and disposal facilities with an abundance of combustible waste material that would benefit from and possess a capability for onsite energy utilization.

Market Sectors

Recycling Plants, Municipal Landfills, Waste Transfer Stations, Waste-to-Energy Facilities, Military/Forward Operating Bases, Maritime/Cruise Ships, Warehouses, Industrial Facilities, Commercial & Academic Campuses, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Hospitals for Hazardous Waste, Commercial Farms, Micro-grids





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