A New Synthesis Method towards Core/Shell Fe3O4/Au Nanoparticles and Thin Film Assembly

This invention is a sequential synthesis method for the preparation of monodisperse gold-coated iron oxide core-shell nanoparticles and their thin film assemblies.  Controlling the reaction time and concentration of the gold precursor allows the thickness of the shell to be engineered.  The core-shell nanoparticles form molecularly-mediated thin film assemblies via interparticle linking at the gold shell.  The resulting materials display novel electronic, magnetic, optical, catalytic, chemical and biological properties.  The ability to control the thickness of the core-shell construct and thin films makes this technology suited for developing nanocomposite materials for use in catalysis, sensors, biosensors, and controlled drug delivery.


  • Simple, effective and controllable method.  
  • Controllable surface capping properties facilitates manipulation of interparticle interactions and reactivities.
  • Supermagnetic properties not otherwise achievable with pure iron oxide nanoparticles.

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U.S. 7,829,140


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