Fast, Automatic Detection of Independent Motion from Compresses Surveillance Video

An algorithm that automates qualitative surveillance video detection of independently moving objects in two modes:  (1) real-time (in combination with sensors) and (2) very fast scanning (faster than real-time play speed) of surveillance video database and retrieval of shots containing detected movement for further review by image analysts.  The approach overcomes technical hurdles associated with detecting independently moving objects with a camera that is itself in motion, i.e., not stationary.


  • Time-saving:  fast scanning speeds are accomplished by the application of computationally efficient algorithms which can scan compressed MPEG video at a speed much faster than a real time play speed.
  • Simplicity:  requires as few as two frames and only one uncalibrated video camera to detect any independently moving target.
  • Automated:  reduces manpower requirements and probability of operator error.

Intellectual Property:

U.S. 7,595,817; 8,164,629; 8,773,536


Binghamton University RB142

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