System and Method for Identifying, Managing, and Presenting Personalized Connections Between User and Contents for Recalling, Reminiscing, and Cognitive Stimulation

A system for identifying, managing and presenting personalized connections between the user and contents in multiple forms, and associated tools to organize and present such contents.

The number of individuals within the US suffering from Alzheimer's disease can exceed 16 million by 2050. The increasing number of people age 65 and cases of this disease is projected to soar, unless a cure is found. Another issue facing Alzheimer patients are increasing costs for health care, typically costing five times higher than the average per-person payments for seniors without these conditions.

The idea behind cognitive training is based on the principles that the brain, despite age being a factor, can always change for the better. The brain similar to muscles, are able to use guided practice on sets of tasks related to memory, attention and other brain functions. Through significant training, and repetitive exercises, cognitive abilities are improved for single or multiple approaches. Present invention aims to identify, manage and present personalized connections between the user and contents in multiple forms. System allow users to import and integrate information items of different types, allowing identified personal connections, that are useful in terms of organizing and importance for the future. Content will range.

Construct user-friendly, interactive productions incrementally and iteratively to present contents and personalized connections to the user.

Exemplary system with information containers, allowed for use in the medical field, implemented with learning algorithms to analyze and tag other information items.

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Annotation, Augmented Reality, Congitive Stimulation, Cognitive Training, Content Personalization, Image Retrieval, Memory Aids, Memory Game, Mixed Reality, Recalling, Reminiscing, Tagging, Video Retrieval, Virtual Reality 

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