Technology - Blocking Covid-19 Virus from Entering the Nares, Nasolaryngeal and Pulmonary Airways Using Ace2 Peptides

Blocking Covid-19 Virus from Entering the Nares, Nasolaryngeal and Pulmonary Airways Using Ace2 Peptides

Prevents initial COVID-19 infection and neutralizes COVID-19 in an existing pulmonary infection.


COVID-19 remains one of the primary global health issues facing society today. The economic and social impact of the virus will likely be significant for the foreseeable future. Although effective vaccines have been developed, COVID-19 infection remains a significant health risk, especially in many regions where access to vaccines is limited. In addition, COVID-19 treatments are often unavailable and/or are of less-than-optimal efficacy. There remains a very significant need for effective COVID-19 prevention and treatment options.

Technology Overview:

The subject technology consists of peptides that bind very specifically to the COVID-19 virus, preventing viral binding to receptors on cells that enable its entry into the cells. By mimicking the natural Ace2 receptor, the peptides act as a decoy to trap the virus for phagocytosis and/or excretion. These peptides are Ace2 19-55-(Arg)8 and Ace2 22-45-(Arg)8. The peptides can be attached to face filtering devices to block the virus from entering the respiratory system. They can also be delivered as aerosols to the nasal cavities where they can bind to air- and droplet-borne viruses preventing their entry into cells.


The primary advantage of this technology is its ability to both prevent COVID-19 in healthy individuals as well as treat the disease in COVID-19 patients.


•    Vaccine for COVID-19 prevention
•    Treatment for existing COVID-19 patients

Intellectual Property Summary:

Patent application filed, 12/19/2022. App No: 18/011,430

Stage of Development:

TRL 3 - Experimental proof of concept

Licensing Status:

This technology has not been licensed.

Licensing Potential:

This technology will be of value to any company or institution involved in precenting and/or treating COVID-19. This includes:
•    Pharmaceutical companies developing COVID-19 vaccines and/or treatments
•    Hospitals 
•    Walk-in health care facilities

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