Fluoroscopic Device Guide - Devices, Systems and Methods For Placement of Instruments For Medical Procedures - Modifications

Fluoroscopic guided system procedure for the passage of needles towards a deep target in the body with less x-ray exposure and improved accuracy. Background: Fluoroscopic guided procedure require passage of needles or other devices towards deep target in the body that cannot be seen with plain vision. Fluoroscopy allows the visualization of deep structures but in typical practice the needle or other device is passed freely through the tissue by the operator requiring adjustments to trajectory once the needle has already been inserted into the patient. Technology Overview: Dr. Christopher Page, Doctor of Medicine at Stony Brook University invented a simple and satisfactory guide for the facilitation of fluoroscopic guided procedures using a c-arm type fluoroscopy system. Advantages: Reduced x-ray exposure Improved accuracy Improved patient comfort Decreased learning curve Fewer needle passes and adjustments leading to less tissue trauma Applications: Guiding needles with improved accuracy Intellectual Property Summary: Provisional Filed Stage of Development: Prototype and bench testing available Licensing Potential: Not available for licensing Licensing Status: Exclusive License - All Fields Additional Information: Fluoroscopy, Needle, Guide, X-ray, Xray https://stonybrook.technologypublisher.com/files/sites/medical-devices1a.jpg
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