Technology - Air Filter for Face Masks

Air Filter for Face Masks

Battery-operated air filtration system for face masks that kills viruses on contact.


Face masks protect wearers via fabric layers, which mechanically block large droplets, and electrostatic layers, which trap small, airborne particles carrying viruses. The electrostatic layers lose their charge after a single day, reducing effectiveness. A shortage of N95 face masks throughout the COVID-19 crisis has forced medical personnel to reuse or clean masks meant for single use. Our disclosure describes a battery-operated air filtration system for face masks that destroys viruses using a highly charged electrostatic field, with reusable and replaceable filters that are easy and inexpensive to manufacture in large volumes. The system will produce huge supplies of effective, reusable face masks capable of destroying all virus types.

Technology Overview:

Prefabricated masks will be fitted with holders that house a filtration system capable of killing viruses. Lithium coin cell batteries generates an intense electric field.  The mask’s tight seal forces incoming air into the filter, where the electric field destructs the virus’s outer membrane, destroying the virus as it attempts to pass through the openings in the filter.
The filters are fabricated according to MEMS technology for small devices that combine mechanical and electrical components. The filter’s comb-like design permits air to flow through while minimizing the distance between electrodes, maximizing the electric field. The filters are inexpensive to mass-produce, reusable and replaceable, allowing a constant use of the mask.  This technology destroys other types of viruses as well, such as the flu virus, and operates regardless of the type or the size of the virus. The technology can be expanded to make industrial masks that protect workers from hazardous chemicals.

Intellectual Property Summary:

US Provisional 63/080,415

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