Apparatus for Electro-Blowing or Blowing-Assisted Electro-Spinning Technology and Process for Post Treatment of Electrospun or Electroblown Membranes

Use of electrospinning and melt-blowing processes for a higher yield, more efficient production method of fiber manufacturing. Background: Electrospinning is the process where an electrostatic field is strong enough to overcome the surface tension of a liquid. This process allows nanofibers to have a very large surface area to volume ratio, thus having many applications in areas such as filtration and molecular protection. However, the largest technical issue with the process is when fabrication size becomes small. When the fibers required become smaller in both physical dimension and volume quantity, the manufacturing process becomes extremely slow. Technology Overview: To counteract the issue of slow manufacturing, the method of processing polymer solutions combines the benefits of electrospinning and melt-blowing, while broadening the conditions of both operations individually. This expands the operational range normally accessible by electrospinning, while increasing production rate. Electroblowing forces a polymer fluid through a spinneret, while simultaneously blowing a gas through an orifice. This process creates an electrostatic differential between the spinneret and collector, thus collecting more fibers at various sizes. Advantages: -More efficient manufacturing process

-Higher yield Applications: Nano-structures - Filters - Bio-Medical Engineering - chemical Engineering - materials science Intellectual Property Summary: Patented Stage of Development: [7662332]( [7934917]( [7887311]( Licensing Potential: Development partner,Licensing,Commercial partner Licensing Status: Available for licensing R-7959 Additional Information: hyaluronan,electrospinning,electrostatic,electrostatic field,manufacturing process,filter,chemical engineering,material science,filtration,nano,fiber,fibre,nanofibre,nanofiber,polymer,hyaluronic acid,nanofibers,materials science,hyaluronic acid polymer,electrospun material,electrospun fiber,electrospun fibre,polymer melt processing,polymer fiber,polymer nano-fiber,fibrous article Source: Flickr/dtmarch,, CC BY 2.0.

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