Bowl Digging Paradigm Testing Apparatus with Tracking Procedures for Rodent Behavior

The Bowl Digging Paradigm Testing Apparatus with Tracking Procedures (Apparatus) is a cube with the ability to close off sections via guillotine door.  The Apparatus does not have a lid so as to observe rodent behavior under certain circumstances from a bird’s eye perspective.  The Apparatus includes three sets of four bowls and a surveillance system so the experimental scientists may observe rodent behavior as they dig and make choices under various conditions. The Apparatus implements a video tracking system called Anymaze® as well as an infra-red detection system where, at times, a rodent interacts with a bowl treated with a certain smell, the tracking device will record the behavior, whether in light or dark, and there will be no need for additional scientists to take shifts to record behavior.  The approach to observational science would be affected in such a way that decreases costs and increases effectiveness of observing rodent behavior if this product were available on the market. 

Prior versions of the Apparatus have been used for the observation of rodents for various neuro, behavioral, and pharmacological study.  Difficulties have arisen from the lack of availability of the Apparatus, where experimental scientists have engineered their own rodent observatories that have a multitude of varying conditions not conducive to a controlled experiment.  The disparity between scientific experiments may be corrected by developing and marketing a product of this nature so as to provide a baseline environment for the study of rodents.  This is a standardized apparatus that provides the resources needed to observe rodents under the conditions premeditated by the scientist and his discipline.

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