Technology - DRE Data Entry and Management System

DRE Data Entry and Management System

Enables DREs to form consistent and accurate assessments about whether or not the suspect is under the influence of one or more drugs.


In law enforcement, a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) is a police officer trained to recognize impairment in drivers under the influence of drugs other than (or in addition to) alcohol. An important tool for DREs is the Drug Influence Evaluation (DIE). This is a formal assessment of an impaired driving suspect, which the DRE follows to form an opinion about whether or not the suspect is impaired by one or more types of drugs.  In criminal trials the DRE’s opinion is often submitted as evidence. It is therefore of critical importance that the process used by the DRE is accurate, consistent, and reliable.

Technology Overview:

This technology is a tool for DREs to capture and store data elements from the DIE. The tool captures data electronically using either a tablet or web application, and transmits it to a state-specific DRE database. This data is then uploaded from the state to a national DRE database. All relevant data associated with the DIE is captured. Additional data elements can also be captured per each state’s requirements. The data collected is automatically transferred to the standardized Drug Influence Evaluation form, and is fully encrypted during transmission. This helps ensure data is complete, consistent, and accurate; while helping eliminate errors and subjectivity.


  • Easy to use. The user interface follows the structure of standard DIE forms, helping ensure the DRE enter complete and accurate data. This in turn helps the DRE form a reliable and objective opinion about the nature of the suspect’s potential impairment, if any.
  • Secure. In addition to data encryption, the technology features username/password protection on both the tablet and application.
  • Customizable. Can capture state specific data not collected by the national DRE database.
  • Flexible. Provides a platform for future system enhancement.


The primary application for this technology is for use by DREs in law enforcement.

Intellectual Property Summary:

This Intellectual Property is not patented but is copyrighted.

Stage of Development: Operational End-User Software application

TRL 9 – Actual system proven in operational environment. 

Licensing Status:

This technology is in use in several states. 

Licensing Potential:

This technology could be licensed to law enforcement agencies in all US states.

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