Dual Wireless Power Charger

This Wireless Charging Station provides automatic, remote, effortless charging for many types of devices.  It embodies a proprietary mode of transmitting electrical power from the power transmitter to power receiver antennas to charge multiple devices simultaneously. The ability to wirelessly charge at a distance enables unique drone charging or charging for automotive and medical device applications.  Distance charging is made possible using wireless power transmitters (WPTs). Charging from multiple sides of the transmitter provides capabilities for increased device use time such as drone flight time.  Patent pending US 2018/0076668 A1


o       Non-contact wireless charging delivers power at a distance

o       Proprietary components enable compact size

o       Bidirectional wireless power transmission allows devices to be located on multiple                sides of the transmitter

o       Charging on all sides for planar, singly and doubly curved fuselage

o       Useful for a variety of entities such as electric vehicles, industrial and domestic                    robots, and drones and micro air vehicles


O       Convenient and easy-to-use

O       Capable of powering multiple electronic devices simultaneously

O       Up to 50% device charging time savings

O       Accommodates devices of many sizes

O       Charging of devices of distances under 1 meter

O       Transmits electricity over farther distances and more effectively than competing                  technologies

O       Up to 95% power transfer efficiency

O       Reduction in the aerodynamic drag

O       Saves real estate on the application device

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