Enzymatic Capsulotomy for Shoulder Adhesive Capsulitis

Less invasive and cost effective injection may provide relatively quick relief from frozen shoulder. Background: Adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder, more commonly known as frozen shoulder, results in painful limitation of shoulder motion. It can arise idiopathically or after trauma. The current standard of care is a long course of painful physical therapy to restore shoulder motion. Failing that, patients? often undergo surgical procedures, such as manipulation under general anesthesia, arthroscopy, or even open shoulder surgery. Technology Overview: Patients suffering from frozen shoulder may be able to avoid a long course of painful physical therapy, manipulation under general anesthesia, arthroscopy or open shoulder surgery. Instead, Dr. Marie Badalamente, professor in the Department of Orthopedics at Stony Brook University invented a less invasive and more cost effective collagenase injection, or short series of collagenase injections, which may provide relief from this painful and debilitating condition in a timelier manner. Advantages: Less invasive More cost effective Quicker relief Applications: Treatment of frozen shoulder Intellectual Property Summary: PCT Publication No. US 2015-0174216 Stage of Development: Undergoing FDA approval. Licensing Potential: Licensing Status: Exclusive License - All Fields Additional Information: Frozen Shoulder, Collagenase injection, Nonoperative therapy https://stonybrook.technologypublisher.com/files/sites/drug-design-&-synthesis1.jpg , https://stonybrook.technologypublisher.com/files/sites/therapeutics1.jpg  
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