Fabrication of a Ultra-High Solid State Capacitance Capacitors

Current supercapacitors provide high power and longer life cycle (100,000 cycles) than batteries at the expense of lower total energy. The charge and discharge process in batteries is slow, and over time degrades the chemical compounds inside the battery. As a result, batteries have a low power density and lose their ability to retain energy throughout their lifetime due to material damage. Because of the need for high power density (an ability to charge and discharge quickly) and a longer lifetime, it is desirable to develop high energy density (more storage like batteries) in capacitive devices that is sustainable over a long period of time. The technology disclosed here is a large surface area and a very high energy density solid state capacitor.


  • It's a solid-state device, so it is reliable.
  • All nontoxic components.
  • Flexible, lighter, and thus cheaper.


Binghamton University RB539

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