Technology - Haptic Video Game Controller

Haptic Video Game Controller

A hand-held video game controller that adds a tactile sense to gameplay.


Researchers at SUNY Buffalo State College have invented a device that could change the way humans interact with machines. The Haptic Video Game Controller is the first device that brings together sensors providing force feedback and 3-D spatial manipulation, hand-, arm- and wrist-driven motions. In 2015 the research team received an investment from the SUNY Technology Accelerator Fund to develop a commercial prototype for the haptic controller.

Technology Overview:

The Haptic Video Game Controller is an innovative hand‐held device with a slinky‐like metallic coil in the middle of two joysticks that can be twisted, bent, compressed, expanded and shaken. It combines haptic feedback, the sensing of force through manually changing the spring’s physicality, by modifying its length and shape, plus sensing motion in 3D space as the direct result of the hand‐driven manipulations exerted with the spring.


  • Provides a novel experience for gamers
  • Imitates the way humans naturally interact with 3D objects
  • Biometric inputs and kinesthetic feedback
  • Backward compatibility for use with legacy games


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