High Efficiency Energy Generator for Harnessing Ocean Wave and Mechanical Vibration Power

An energy generating device utilizing rail deformation in a railway system. Background: The present invention relates generally to an apparatus for harnessing mechanical vibration power, and more particularly, an apparatus and method for generating electrical energy via unidirectional rotation by harnessing mechanical vibration. As compared to an ocean wave, water molecules follow an orbital path such that the surface of the water moves in a wave pattern periodically rising to a wave crest above a still water level and dropping into a wave trough below a still water level. This provides a kinetic energy of wave motion and can produce 26 MW of energy per mile of coast. Wave power is renewable, green and pollution free. The present invention utilizes current ideology to provide efficiency and reliability to tackle the challenge of wave energy generation. Technology Overview: Researchers at Stony Brook University have developed an energy generating device utilizing rail deformation in a railway system. The described is an energy generating device utilizing mechanical vibration power, the energy generating devices includes a first body for reciprocating according to vibration motions an anchored second body, a rack coupled to one of the first body and the anchored second body. The gear assembly engaged with the rack and coupled to the other one of the first body and anchored second body such that the gear assembly drives a generator made possible from rotational movement. The movement is in a single direction, made possible with the upward and downward movement of the rack relative to the gear assembly. The generator engaged with the gear assembly outputs a direct current and harnesses mechanical vibration powers. Advantages: The present invention implements an energy generating shock absorber device, the generator engaged with the gear assembly is able to output a direct current according to the rotational input, and in theory replicate and harvest energy that is both efficient and reliable. Applications: Energy efficiency and green energy. Intellectual Property Summary: Patented Stage of Development: Licensing Potential: Development partner,Licensing,Commercial partner Licensing Status: Available for licensing.  R-8359 Additional Information: generators,vibration,rail,railway,wave power,renewables,wave energy,energy generation,electrical,electrical energy,kinetic,gears,movement,harness,shock,harvest,energy efficient,energy efficiency,green energy,vibration absorption,shock absorption,shock absorbing,shock wave,mechanical energy,energy harvester,energy harvesting,green tech,power efficiency,mechanical harvesting,electricity generation,electricity generator,power generator,renewable energy,renewable power,coast,body,direction,direct current,efficient https://stonybrook.technologypublisher.com/files/sites/fx4haocrwwndx3rfnejj_4712207733_96f63cb3bb_o.jpg Please note, header image is purely illustrative. Source: Sander van der Wel, Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.
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