Large-scale Synthesis of Perovskite Nanostructures

Single crystalline perovskite structures that can be reproducibly fabricated using a large-scale reaction Background: Ternary transition metal oxides, including BaTiO<sub>3</sub>&nbsp;and SrTiO<sub>3</sub>, with a perovskite structure, are noteworthy for their exceptional dielectric, piezoelectric, electrostrictive, pyroelectric, and electro‑optic properties. Understanding the behavior and preparation of these ferroelectric materials with structure dependent physical properties, at the nanoscale level, are of great importance to the development of molecular electronics. Technology Overview: The present invention relates to single crystalline perovskite structures that can be reproducibly fabricated using a large-scale, facile solid-state reaction that employs environmentally friendly reactants. The exact shape of the nanostructure, i.e. nanowires, nanoparticles or nanocubes, is dependent upon the reaction conditions employed. Advantages: Large scale, simple and generalizable solid-state strategy to synthesize barium and strontium titanate nanostructures. With this procedure, organometallic precursors, which can potentially be extremely toxic, expensive, unstable, explosive and / or pyrophoric, are not used. In addition, the ability to control the formation of different morphologies of barium and strontium titanate nanostructures is achieved. Because of the simplicity and generalizability of the approach used, it is anticipated that this methodology can be expanded to the large-scale (grams at the minimum) synthesis and preparation of other important ferroelectric systems at the nanoscale. Applications: Integrated nanoscale devices



Electromechanical Devices

Non‑volatile Memory

Dynamic random access memory (DRAM)

Field-effect transistors

Electro‑optic devices

Logic circuitry Intellectual Property Summary: Patent application submitted Stage of Development: WO 2006085912 Licensing Potential: Development partner,Commercial partner,Licensing Licensing Status: Available for licensing. 7721 Additional Information: organometallic,precursor,dielectric,piezoelectric,electromechanical,perovskite,transistor,crystalline,environmentally friendly,nanowire,nanoparticle,ferroelectric,strontium titanate,field-effect transistors,logic circuit,nanostructures,dielectrics,electro-optic system,electro-optic,transition,transition-metal,metal oxides,pyroelectric,behavior,electronics,solid state,memory,random access memory,titanate Please note, header image is purely illustrative. Source: ChemLuo, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 4.0.

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