Novel Method to Compute with Wireless Energy

Conversion of AC signal to DC voltage without significant energy loss Background: A conventional wireless energy harvester receives ambient electromagnetic waves via a connector, and converts the alternating power into a direct current (DC) power supply. However, this introduces a problem: converting a harvest AC signal to a DC supply voltage results in a significant energy loss due to low power efficiencies of the rectification process. Thus it is not practical. Technology Overview: A passive charge recovery logic circuit that includes an electromagnetic field capturing device that harvest ambient electromagnetic energy. Advantages: -More Efficient

-Less Energy Consumption

-Longer Distances of Transmitted Power Applications: -Batteries


-Power Generators


-Electric Intellectual Property Summary: Patent application submitted Stage of Development: WO 2017192849 Licensing Potential: Licensing,Development partner,Commercial partner Licensing Status: Available for Licensing. R-8830 Additional Information: energy loss,low-power,power efficiency,wireless energy,energy harvester,electromagnetic,electromagnetic waves,connectors,power supply,charge,logic circuit,circuit,battery,power generator,generators,energy conversion,ac/dc,ambient energy,electromagnetic systems,electromagnetic device,direct current Please note, header image is purely illustrative. Source: Henry Mühlpfordt, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0.

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