Technology - Novel Suturing Device Kit

Novel Suturing Device Kit

A surgical "sewing machine" for rapid graft quilting and suturing in challenging spaces.


Grafts are commonly employed in urologic reconstructive surgery, but anchoring them in less accessible areas -- as in luminal stenosis surgery -- can be difficult. A novel surgical "sewing machine" capable of quilting and suturing in tight spaces was developed to help solve this problem.

Technology Overview:

The repair of luminal stenosis involves an incision through the stenosed segments and followed by the application of a buccal mucosa graft to serve as protection. A surgical sewing machine was assembled by threading absorbable 4-0 barbed suture through a 20-gauge hollow needle. The result is rapid, one hand suturing for graft quilting, with a running stitch, akin to the way a sewing machine makes a continuous stitch across the hem of a skirt. This suturing device, developed by Upstate Medical University researchers, has been used in posterior urethroplasties, a transvesical bladder neck reconstruction, augmented perineal urethrostomy, and a vaginoplasty revision. In each case, the graft survived and there was no recurrence of disease.


  • Higher rate of graft success with no recurrence of disease
  • One handed suturing avoids alternating movements to reposition the needle, and is more efficient
  • Can be used in a variety of complex reconstructive surgeries, including those involving radiated tissue, where graft fixation and suturing is challenging
  • Future applications in endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery are possible

Intellectual Property Summary:

Patent filed, 16/604,858, on Suturing Device And Methods Of Use Thereof 

Licensing Status:

This technology is available for licensing.  Licensing. ID: 110-2026

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Licensing, Development partner, Commercial partner

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