Technology - Topology Optimization of Electric Machines

Topology Optimization of Electric Machines

The widespread adoption of renewable energy and the electrification of transportation has led to an increased need for rare earth materials. The proposed technology aims to mitigate this dependency by strategically optimizing product design elements, including the geometry of permanent magnets, irons, and other electrical system parameters. Through systematic co-optimization, researchers at Stony Brook University (SBU) ensure an optimal design at the system level, thereby reducing reliance on rare-earth metals.

Technology Overview:

Researchers at SBU have introduced an innovative approach to lessen reliance on rare-earth materials through the application of topology optimization in electric machine design. Topology optimization, a mathematical technique, optimizes material distribution within a defined design space. In this case, this method is employed on permanent magnets utilized in power generators, effectively reducing material usage while maintaining optimal performance. This methodology is grounded in a level-set-based parametric approach, enabling seamless integration with model-based co-design tools. Through this comprehensive approach, they achieve functional optimization at both the component and system levels of electric machine design.


Reduce dependence on expensive rare‑earth materials - Generate innovative designs


Integrates topology optimization with model‑based co‑design tools - Handles multi‑physics and multi‑material magnet topology optimization problems

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