Technology - Vertical Hydroponic Farming System

Vertical Hydroponic Farming System

Self-contained, semi-autonomous, and environmentally controlled vertical farm.

Technology Overview:

SUNY Oswego researchers have developed a self-contained, semi-autonomous, and environmentally controlled vertical farming system.


  • Produces continuous supplies of fresh leafy vegetables in a very compact space.
  • Provides year-long sustainable agriculture options to colder climates.
  • Numerous accommodations for use by people with disabilities, including farmers that may be confined to a wheelchair.
  • Can be constructed in a wide range of configuration
  • Can provide meaningful employment opportunities to disabled veterans and other populations of people with disabilities


  • Agriculture
  • Engineering

Intellectual Property Summary:

Patent application submitted, US patent pending 16/185,444

Licensing Status:

This technology is available for licensing.

Licensing Potential:

Licensing, Commercial partner, Development partner

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