Solid State Integrated Gamma, X-ray and Particle Detector

Improved sensitivity and resolution in the detection of energetic photons or particles including gamma rays, x-rays, charged and neutral particles. Current systems are not movable they are large, heavy, and require a lot of power to operate. Our detector will make these systems light weight, low power, and portable. They will be easily moved into any setting. Current systems are sensitive to their environment including vibration, temperature, and electromagnetic fields. Our system will be immune to these conditions making the system useful in a wide variety of applications in ways not currently possible. Current systems are very expensive to manufacture and to maintain. Our system will be much easier and less expensive to manufacture and to maintain making it possible to apply the method more widely and under conditions not currently possible. Our system will have improved depth of interaction resolution for the detection of coincident events. This is especially important in positron emission tomography (PET) a method used in medical imaging. Present PET systems used in medical imaging are expensive, heavy, large, and sensitive to environmental factors. They are inherently of low sensitivity and resolution resulting in increased radiation exposure for the patient, limited time dependent imaging, and unavailable to some groups of patients. Our system would improve on all of these current negative aspects. Current PET systems are difficult and expensive to use in association with other observational methods, especially MRI. Our system is completely compatible with the magnetic fields of MRI making MRI/PET easier and less expensive to implement. Our system is also compatible with other methods especially for brain studies such as EEG, and MEG. Current PET systems are very difficult to apply to studies that require images recorded at different times, especially of awake functioning individuals. Our system is ideal for such studies and in one configuration will be worn by human adults using a backpack supporting system. In this way, PET images will be recorded on fully functioning human patients. This capability does not exist in any current systems.


  • Improved sensitivity and resolution Improved time resolution.
  • Lighter weight.
  • Portability ­ systems based on this detector will be easy to move and setup in any location in a short time.
  • Lower power requirements ­ battery operation possible.
  • Ease of operation especially in adverse environments.
  • Ease of operation in magnetic fields.

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