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Dual Scan Photoacoustic Mammoscope

Photoacoustic mammography uses fast-pulse lasers to heat tissue and images the resulting acoustic wave. The process eliminates radioactivity and the inconsistencies of ultrasounds. Use light to listen for breast cancer. As strange as it sounds ultrasound images can be generated using light. In photoacoustic imaging tissue is heated by exposure...
Published: 6/21/2024   |   Inventor(s): Jun Xia, Nikhila Nyayapathi, Huijuan Zhang
Keywords(s): Technologies
Category(s): Campus > University at Buffalo, Technology Classifications > Medical Devices, Technology Classifications > Medical Imaging

Faster 3D Photoacoustic Tomography with Improved Elevation Resolution

A solution to the problems posed by both traditional 3D PAT imaging and biopsies for dense breast tissue and skin imaging. Background: Traditional scanning schemes for three-dimensional photoacoustic tomography (PAT) have failed to address the issue of long scanning times and low elevation resolution, contributing to patient discomfort and limiting...
Published: 2/2/2024   |   Inventor(s): Jun Xia, Yuehang Wang
Keywords(s): Technologies
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Imaging, Technology Classifications > Research Tools and Reagents, Campus > University at Buffalo

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