A Starting Point Selection Approach to Event Playback for Model Validation

Model validation is an essential task to ensure the accuracy of a dynamic model in a power system. Currently, major vendors’ software tools are equipped with an “event playback” function to validate dynamic models using measurement data from phasor measurement units (PMU). Because of their low sampling rates, PMUs cannot capture the fast-transient dynamics. Therefore, the playback function using conventional approaches performs poorly during the high-frequency responses of power systems. To overcome the deficiency of the conventional “event playback” approach, a starting point selection approach is used to renovate the “event playback” by focusing on low-frequency responses in model validation.

Analytical basis of this method shows the existence and uniqueness of the trajectory of the underlying model. The effectiveness of this approach has been demonstrated using the two-area four-machine system model.

- This approach can save the cost from a staged test, and service interruption compared to the offline model validation approaches.

- This approach can overcome the difficulty of PMU based model validation when high-frequency responses are incurred, and therefore make the validation procedure more applicable using the responses from major dynamical events (such as line faults and generator tripping).


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