Comb Sense Microphone

This technology is designed to obviate many of the known shortcomings and limitations of capacitive microphones through use of unique comb-sensing design and approach. The invention provides a rigid hinged substrate, which forms a diaphragm for miniature microphones. A series of interdigitated fingers are disposed radially around the perimeter of the diaphragm which interact with mating fingers disposed adjacent the diaphragm with a small gap in between. The movement of the diaphragm fingers relative to the fixed fingers varies the capacitance, thereby allowing creation of an electrical signal responsive to varying sound pressure at the diaphragm.



  • Design and construction of highly innovative capacitive microphones with enhanced sensitivity that can be readily and cost-effectively produced through silicon microfabrication.
  • Yield of a capacitive microphone with 10-fold (minimum) increase in sensitivity
  • The multiple fingers allow the creation of a microphone having a high output voltage relative to conventional microphones, and thus yielding a very low noise microphone


Intellectual Property


US 7,545,945, 8,073,167, 8,548,178, & PCT/US2006/030152




Binghamton University RB186

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