Technology - Hydronic Dryer

Hydronic Dryer

 A safe, efficient and eco-friendly dryer that uses less energy than standard dryers.

Technology Overview:

This renewable energy-based dryer, developed by researchers at Alfred State, uses novel heat exchangers to remove moisture from materials. To improve efficiency, the dryer employs an indoor/outdoor air exchange during the summer; and a closed-loop system to continuously recycle warm air during the winter. It uses 90% less energy than standard dryers.


  • Capable of using any renewable or traditional energy source 
  • Eliminates risk of fire sparking from a lint buildup 
  • Eco-friendly, no harmful refrigerants 
  • Exceeds current US Department of Energy efficiency standards 
  • Provides a green option for hotels, which have the second-highest negative impact on the environment of all commercial buildings 
  • Cost savings of ~$300/year per dryer


  • Consumer and commercial clothes drying
  • Material processing to dry lumber, paper and textiles

Intellectual Property Summary:

Patent Pending; US20170268158

Licensing Status:

This technology is available for licensing.

Patent Information: