Membrane Chiller

A chemical-free, thermally activated air-conditioning system.


Technology Overview: This refrigerant-free air conditioning system uses specialized water permeable membranes and system architecture instead of a heating coil to cool and dehumidify air. The membrane chiller is driven by low temperature heat, including available low-temperature waste heat from CHP, solar, and other processes, and consumes 70% less electricity than conventional air conditioners. Unlike other evaporative systems, the membrane chiller will operate in any climate.




•       High efficiency – turns waste heat into a resource

•       No use of refrigerants or chemicals

•       Low maintenance costs

•       Compact, modular and scalable

•       Nearly silent operation

•       Will operate in any climate



•       Supermarkets

•       Cleanrooms

•       Hazardous material handling

•       Manufacturing


Intellectual Property Summary: Patented, US 10,502,438


Stage of Development:

•       TRL 3-4




•       Alfred State


Licensing Status: Available for licensing

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