Ultra-Sensative Portable Capillary Sensor

The Ultra-Sensitive Portable Capillary Sensor (U-PAC) is a complete, battery-operated, analytical system packaged in a lightweight, portable carrying case. It is a rapid, sensitive, and easy to operate portable immunochemistry testing platform that can be utilized by minimally trained personnel where it is needed most, at the point of collection, point of care and point of crisis (POC). The U-PAC is a culmination of a careful integration of optics, fluidics, electronics, and software into one compact system for laboratory and field assays.

The unit is used for highly selective and sensitive detection of biomolecules by means of optical fluorescence using a diode laser for excitation and a photo sensor module for detection. The sensing surface is contained within interchangeable, disposable glass capillaries. This allows the user to determine the application of the analysis without making any changes to the instrument itself. The output signal from the system can be monitored via the on-boards readout, laptop computer or PDA.



Key Elements:

  • The combination of high sensitivity and portability
  • Can be used for field measurements and produces detection limits several orders of magnitude better than that widely accepted enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) that must be performed in a laboratory 
  • Versatile system with a broad range of possible field and laboratory applications. It can provide parts per trillion analyses with minimal user train


  • Immunoassays (biochemical test) to detect cells, viruses, proteins, antibodies, antigens
  • Detection of food safety pathogens: E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria
  • Detection of infectious diseases, HIV, and contaminants—environmental, industrial


  • Automated - Microfluidic fluorescence
  • Fast Reaction Kinetics - 20 minutes or less
  • Higher Sensitivity – 0.1 pg/ml
  • Broad Applicability - Health to commerce
  • Compact and Portable - Shoebox size, <5 lbs.
  • Rugged - Few moving parts, shock mounted
  • Economical - operation, sam-ple use, COGS


Dr. Omowunmi Sadik is a Professor of Bioanalytical and Environmental Chemistry and the Director of the Center for Advanced Sensors & Environmental Systems at Binghamton University. Her research interests include understanding the mechanism of the transduction of chemical information at interfaces, and to use this knowledge in the pursuit of innovative biosensing technologies, functional materials and devices.


Intellectual Property:

US7708944, US8414844, and patent pending


Binghamton University RB194

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