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Data Sonification

The present invention is an automated digital engine that translates numerical sequences into sound for both archived and real-time data streams. Invented by Glenn McClure and Dr. Kirk Anne, Music in the Numbers provides sonification that can be integrated into music or other pleasing sounds. The user-focused design allows customers to mold and shape...
Published: 9/17/2020   |   Inventor(s): Glenn McClure, Kirk Anne
Keywords(s): #SUNYresearch, Technologies
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Information Technology, Campus > SUNY Geneseo

Automated Rodent Reaching Chamber Home Cage Pellet Hopper

Skilled forepaw reaching behaviors are required to retrieve pellets from the food hopper. Infrared recording devices quantify reach attempts and latency measures. Pellets removed from the hopper, but dropped outside of chamber, indicate pellets grasped but not retrieved or pellets scooped out of the hopper. Pellets dropped through the grid floor...
Published: 10/15/2019   |   Inventor(s): Terence Bazzett
Keywords(s): #SUNYresearch, Featured, Technologies
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Education and Training, Campus > SUNY Geneseo

Volt-Air Technologies

Volt-Air Technologies is marketing multi-directional, wireless charging solutions to outdated applications in the tech industry.
Published: 7/31/2019   |   Inventor(s): SUNY Oswego, SUNY Geneseo
Keywords(s): Startups
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Wireless Technologies, Technology Classifications > Electronics, Campus > SUNY Oswego, Campus > SUNY Geneseo

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